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Older Available Adults & Puppies

From time to time, we have older adults and older puppies that are available to approved homes. Sometimes these older dogs are retired show dogs (possibly Champions), retired stud dogs or brood bitches. These dogs have "done their thing" for us as a breeder and deserve a quality life being the "one and only" for new families who want a dog but don't want to deal with the hassle of raising a puppy.


The constraints that a breeder must have are different than those of a typical 1 or 2 dog house. If Breeders could, we would keep all of the puppies we produce. But in order to maintain quality time and levels healthy for the dog and the caretaker, it is pertinent to keep only 1 from each litter and sometimes necessary to place older dogs who have continued on one's lineage. Older dogs looking for a home are not unwanted or unloved dogs, in fact, it is quite the opposite - these dogs are very much loved and wanted, but sometimes it is more important for these loved dogs to have a happy "retirement" life.


Sometimes older puppies were kept as the "pick" of their litter, with the intentions of being great show dogs or the potential of being a great specimen of the breed. But in order to keep fairness to the dogs, breeders must make the tough decision to place older dogs and puppies in order to make room to continue on a different path. With mulitple dog households like most breeders have, it is better to place a young adult to make sure that these dogs are well cared for and get the love they deserve by being the only dog or the dog of a small capacity household.

"MIA"  this pretty three year old needs an adult home ...she is SPAYED and has never had puppies.. She does not like cats or other female mastiffs would probably be fine with a small breed male..She would very much love to be in a home where she could be a pampered pet..A modest adoption fee is required to cover the cost of her spay.



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"We are always on the lookout for an experienced home that is able to handle a very shy young adult RESCUE that we are helping someone to place...we will be screening very carefully... give us a call to see if you are a good match ...a modest adoption fee to cover spay/neuter  expenses will be charged...


*****We have a NEED for   RESCUE home....have a 3year old male who is in need of rehomeing asap...will be neutered...requires mastiff experience  ...needs to be only male... looking for a permanent  LOVING HOME. Call for information*****THIS BIG BOY HAS BEEN HAPPILY REHOMED -SLEEPS IN HIS NEW DADS BED....:)

ESTER ,has been placed in happy home..we thank all who stepped foreward to help out with this rehomeing.

HILDA, the beautiful has been retired and placed in a loving home with several tiny children..she has found her niche.

*****Please continue to check as we continue to help in placements of this type.*****

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

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