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I want to Hug that Mug!

Building a Foundation for the Future, from the Great Breeding of the Past

Growing up in New York City I had the opportunity to to learn about dog showing, and horse showing first hand, by going to all the dog and horse shows, especially the Westminster at Madison Square Gardens,  as well as, learning to ride and care for the horses at the Claremount Stables by Central Park , in the middle of the city. I had a  "special" relationship with the NYC Mounted Police as I was always being reprimanded for raceing my horses on the bridle trail, and I recievd much wisdom and guidance from those police riders about horses and dogs :)

I spent my childhood and teen years walking and working with dogs for other people in the neighborhood, as well as rescueing every hurt animal I found in the streets of New York. My father had been raised on a farm and wanted to expose his children to the wonders of nature and the wholesome we spent many weekends and weeks of vacation times-summers ,falls winters and springs... in the Catskill Mountains on a large farm that was totally self sufficient and that raised every imaginable animal  on love for animals and nature just grew and grew.

Somehow I ended up in the Ozarks, in the counrty, on a farm ...imagine that :)


Over 45 years ago I followed my dream and had a boarding /grooming facilty and started showing with Poodles and Alaskan Malamutes,. I got hooked on the show ring. All the while admiring and falling in love with the English Mastiff, but I had a Mastiff appetite with a poodle budget...After many years I moved to the Springfield area, and returned to the health care profession.. but continued to have my dogs...


My passion culminated  with the ultimate companion about 28 years ago... the English Mastiff...and I am priviledged to be owned by and to Show these magnificent creatures. I acquired my beautiful "Mugs" (the future- Champion Silver Mugsworth of Tenbears ) after much deliberation and searching for just the one I wanted: wrinkles-lips-sweetness-massive size...and he grew to become all I had hoped for, and more than I could believe,  and MUGS became my best buddy... We went to the office together, and also agilty classes where he always dragged the tunnel with him due to his was a hoot!

We started conformation classes and showing began at 6 mos...HE loved showing ME off to the judges- and winning became a fun thing.. so we were truely hooked on the show ring- finishing his Championship with back to back 4 and 5 point majors...


The rest is history... producing thru my own breeding many fine Champions and for those who love : wrinkles, lips, paws and adoring eyes... a most beautiful companion to share their life and love .


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